• Benefits of car insurance

    The Absa comprehensive car insurance provides you with cover for your motor vehicle or motorcycle in the event of an accident, fire and theft. It also covers any claims if your vehicle has been hit by or hits a third party who may not have insurance.

    • Get access to Home Drive, a designated drive service that ensures you always arrive home safely after a night out 
    • Road side assistance offers help in vehicle emergency situations while you are on the road
    • Absa Insure Assist is a 24/7 emergency service where we send an armed security guard to your location in emergency situations
    • Receive information on state of the roads and border crossings
    • Receive weather updates to make an informed decision about traveling 
  • How does it work

    Get cover for accidental loss of or damage to the motor vehicle caused by:

    • Fire
    • Theft
    • Burglary
    • Riots and strikes
    • Floods and water damage
    • Overturning, head-on collision
    • Windscreen and glass replacement
    • Liability to passengers
    • Accessories and spare parts while on the vehicle due to any cause other than those specifically excluded
    • Currency - both UGX and USD
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