Take note of the following and be safe

  • Absa will never call to ask for your personal identification number (PIN) or your online banking password. We will never ask you to check if the number on your phone display matches its registered number. Be cautious, fraudsters might alter the number shown on the phone.
  • Absa will never tell you to transfer money to another account.
  • Never disclose your passwords and PINs to anybody. 
  • Keep your computer's anti-virus software up to date. 
  • Do not assume a caller is genuine because he/she knows your banking details. Fraudsters could have basic information about you, such as your address, bank account number and details of recent transactions.
  • Fraudsters are luring people into disclosing their bank details. These details are the keys to your account security - do not let them in!

Report any suspicions to 0800 222 333 (toll free) or 0312 218348.

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